About us

Valeria Pasmanter

We are an Argentine company that rents rooms in shared apartments and homestays for people interested in spending a period of their life in Buenos Aires, whether to study, work or enjoy a holiday.

Spare Rooms Buenos Aires is committed to improving your exchange experience, by finding the right room for you in Buenos Aires, the one that best suits your preferences and priorities.


The passion for promoting positive exchange experiences has long been an important part of Valeria Pasmanter´s life. It began when she worked for AIESEC (an international NGO) generating work exchange programs for students abroad. And it continued to follow her closely when she worked in the USA and Mexico.

And it was that same desire to make sure foreigners feel comfortable in their adopted city that prompted her to start Spare Rooms Buenos Aires.


She is responsible for lodging and reservations. Romina will help you find your room in Buenos Aires.

​Romi studied hospitality and speaks fluent English and French.

In her own words: My name is Romina. I’m friendly, I love chatting with people, and I enjoy meeting new people, traveling and making new friends. In my 30 years I’ve done a fair bit of traveling around Argentina: I was born in Buenos Aires, I went to high school in Río Grande (Tierra del Fuego), and I studied hospitality in the City of Buenos Aires. Longing for a more laid-back pace of life, I moved with my son to Villa de Merlo (San Luis), and from there I left for Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe). And now I’m back in beautiful Buenos Aires to continue pursuing the dreams that I had placed on hold.

Malena & Florencia

These two ladies are responsible for adding new rooms to our database. They also work with new hosts to add their spare rooms to the website. Their teamwork ensures an optimal experience and stay in Buenos Aires for hosts and guests alike.


The room photos that you see are the work of our team of professional photographers. Remember that what you see on our website is what you will see when you arrive at your new room for the first time.

Real photos, real rooms.