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Valeria Pasmanter

We are an Argentine company that rents rooms in shared apartments and homestays for people interested in spending a period of their life in Buenos Aires, whether to study, work or enjoy a holiday.

Spare Rooms Buenos Aires is committed to improving your exchange experience, by finding the right room for you in Buenos Aires, the one that best suits your preferences and priorities.


The passion for promoting positive exchange experiences has long been an important part of Valeria Pasmanter´s life. It began when she worked for AIESEC (an international NGO) generating work exchange programs for students abroad. And it continued to follow her closely when she worked in the USA and Mexico.

And it was that same desire to make sure foreigners feel comfortable in their adopted city that prompted her to start Spare Rooms Buenos Aires.

She is in charge of accommodation and bookings. Agustina will help you find your room in Buenos Aires.
In her own words: my name is Agustina. I am knowledge-lover. I love to learn and apprehend. I study since I started elementary school and still haven't stopped and 
I don't picture My life without learning . The exchange with others nourishes me, challenges mobilize me and small details thrill me. 
I love my job, because it moves me to learn every day, to look for new ways yo connect two people who don't know each other, and who can help each other. To find the best way to achieve the subtle connection between the one with a spare room and the one looking for a place to stay in buenos aires
I am the "match maker specialist" of Spare Rooms Buenos Aires.

Malena & Florencia
Tati is in charge of adding new rooms to our platform. She is responsible for accompanying new hosts in the process to add their room to our website, and to strengthen the host community. She is a Frenchwoman in love with Buenos Aires, who arrived for the first time in an exchange, and years later she returned for work with the idea of staying a year ... but they ended up being 11 years!!!  She lived the experience of being a foreigner in Buenos Aires, paying rent in dollars and super expensive, so when she met Spare Rooms Buenos Aires she felt identified. In his own words: "I appreciate the possibility of seeing the concrete impact of our work in our hosts lives".

hello@spareroomsba.com [email protected]
Nati is the contact between guests and hosts when the rental is already agreed. She will be your trusted contact during your entire stay in Buenos Aires. He is in charge of contracts, extensions and mediation in the face of any conflict that may arise.
“I worked many years in the hotel industry, attention and service is my thing! I will be at the foot of the canyon - saying that we use here in Argentina to tell you that I am here committed to helping you.


The room photos that you see are the work of our team of professional photographers. Remember that what you see on our website is what you will see when you arrive at your new room for the first time.

Real photos, real rooms.

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