F.A.Qs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Spare Rooms Buenos Aires?

We are an Argentine company that rents rooms in shared apartments and homestays for people interested in spending a period of their life in Buenos Aires, whether to study, work or enjoy a holiday. We are good at what we do and our past customers show their appreciation (Read the Testimonials). Since our founder knows firsthand the difficulties of moving to another country so we know what travelers want and need. We know the city inside and out and have been working in the international exchange field for more than seven years.

What are some of the benefits of renting with Spare Rooms Buenos Aires?

´┐Ż We are looking out for you, so we make sure to ask the right questions, work out all the details, and make sure you find your ideal room.

´┐Ż You will have our years of experience and extensive knowledge of the city on call to ensure you have the best time possible in Buenos Aires.

´┐Ż Because we know the owners we work with, rest assured there will be no surprises. What you see in the photos and read in the descriptions is what you get. Period.

´┐Ż We look after all the details so you can spend your time enjoying all Buenos Aires has to offer instead of stressing about finding a place that fits your budget. Looking by yourself you might spend weeks or months before you find a decent place to stay and chances are it won´┐Żt be in your budget.

What do you mean you have my preferences in mind?

Because we know why you are coming to Buenos Aires we are able to ensure that your room is what you need and want. Having good accommodations makes all the difference in making your stay unforgettable, so we work with you to make sure you find the right room. Whether you are looking for a room in an apartment where only Spanish is spoken or in a building with easy access to public transportation so you can arrive easily and quickly to school or work, we will help you find the right room for your needs.

What universities and companies do you work with?

We work with Universidad Di Tella, ITBA, UADE, Universidad de San Andr´┐Żs, UBA, Universidad Austral, UCA, UCEMA and UP among others along with cooking, music, and publicity institutes and Spanish schools. We have worked with companies such as MindShare and NGOs like Help Argentina and AIESEC. We are also associated with the companies: Buenos Aires Pubcrawl, Cultour, La bicicleta Naranja, LandingpadBA, Anda Travel, Pura Vida Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Lado B, Spanglish Exchange, Hype, Arg Live, Mapiprop.

What is the m´┐Żnimum length of time to rent a room? Is there a maximum?

The minimum stay is 1 month while the maximum stay in our contract is 3 months. However you are able to renew your contract indefinitely.

What are shared apartments and family houses? Does this mean I won´┐Żt have any privacy?

We rent rooms in apartments and houses inhabited by Argentines young and old (in groups, by themselves or with their families) who have decided to rent out an empty room. Because you have your own room, you will be guaranteed a high level of privacy as well as the chance to live with locals.

Are all the rooms reviewed by Spare Rooms Buenos Aires staff? How many rooms are available in total?

Yes, we personally visit and review all of the rooms that we offer and the neighborhoods in which they are located. During these visits we get to know the other people living in the house or apartment and ask ourselves whether we would live there and if the room is in good enough conditions to receive one of our customers. Because we are always adding new rooms to our database rest assured you will find one to fit your needs.

What kind of creature comforts do the rooms have? Are they only for 1 person? Are there sometimes mutliple rooms available in one apartment?

All the rooms are fully furnished and depending on your desires ammenities such as a private or shared bathroom, sink, internet, double bed, air condition, etc. will be included. All of our rooms are meant for a single person unless you are looking for a room for you and your travel companion. Some of the apartments and houses we work with have up to 5 rooms available for rent.

I want to know more about a room, who do I ask?

The Spare Rooms Buenos Aires team is available to answer any question you may have and help ensure you find your ideal room.

Are there rooms for all budgets?

Yes! Just like any apartment there are many factors that influence the price of a room. The location, size of room and type of building, ammentities included, etc. will determine the monthly rent. No matter the price we guarantee that all the rooms in our database our ready to be inhabited.

Can I use the apartment or home´┐Żs common spaces? Can I use the kitchen?

Of course! Spare Roomers can use the living room, dining room, balcony, terrace or any other common space in the apartment or house. Your hosts will provide you with shelf space and room in the fridge as well where you can store your own food.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with my room, the aparment or my host?

We are here to work as intermediaries and help resolve any problems that may arise between you and your host.

And if I need help or more information during my stay?

We are always available to help you and provide any guidance you may need. Email: [email protected]
Telephone/Whatsapp: +54(911) 5135 7655

How often is the room cleaned and sheets and towels changed?

Your room will be cleaned and sheets and towels changed at least once a week.

How are the prices set? What does monthly rent include? How do I pay?

Rent will depend on the neighborhood, proximity to public transport, size and quality of the room & apartment/house, amenities included such as internet, air conditioning, double bed, sink and if you want a shared or private bathroom.

Monthly rent gives you free reign over your room, access to common areas in the house (kitchen, dining room, living room, balcony, and terrace), use of all appliances in the kitchen as well as space in the fridge and pantry to store your own food. All expenses such as electricity, gas, water, internet and taxes are included and in the majority of the houses cable TV is included as well as a telephone to receive incoming calls. Your room will also be cleaned once a week and the sheets and towels changed, at no extra charge.

Your first payment is due on check-in when you sign the contract at the house or apartment. Beginning the second month you will pay the house owner directly in cash (either in dollars or argentine pesos using the current exchange rate).

How do I reserve a room? How do I pay the reservation fee?

Once you have found a room you want, all you need to do is pay the reservation fee (20% of first month rent) via Paypal or Western Union or with cash if you are already in Buenos Aires. Once we receive your payment we will let you know whether the room you have chosen is available, and if it isn´┐Żt, work with you to find another room that fits your needs.

Reservation Cancellation Policy

Preface: The property owner has turned down offers from other possible tenants in order to honor the rental contract the client has through Spare Rooms Buenos Aires. Because of this the refund policy for cancellation of a reservation will vary depending on the amount of advanced notice given to the property owner.

· If after confirming a reservation and transferring the required reservation deposit a client gives at least 30 days notice of cancelation of the reservation before the scheduled check-in date a 50% refund of the transferred amount in the form of a reservation deposit will be returned to the client whereas the other 50% will be used to cover damages and losses to the property owner as well as compensate for expenses and services provided by Spare Rooms Buenos Aires.

· If after confirming a reservation and transferring the required reservation deposit a client gives less than 30 days notice of cancelation of the reservation before the scheduled check-in date none of the transferred amount in the form of a reservation deposit will be returned to the client and will be used to cover damages and losses to the property owner as well as compensate for expenses and services provided by Spare Rooms Buenos Aires.

What if I need to shorten my stay?

If for personal or other reasons (as laid out in the contract) you decide to shorten your stay, you must let Spare Rooms Buenos Aires and your host know a month before the new date you will be leaving. As long as you give at least a month of notice there will be no problem and your deposit will be returned when you leave. If you are unable or fail to let us know with a month of warning, your host can keep 50% of the deposit and is not required to refund the month paid in advance.

What is a deposit? Who keeps the money?

The deposit ensures that the contract is fulfilled and is equal to a month of rent at the agreed upon price. Your host will hold on to this deposit from check-in to check-out. If there is any damage to the room, the cost of repairing the damages will be deducted from your deposit as agreed upon in the contract signed upon check-in.

Why do we have to sign a contract?

The contract establishes each party´┐Żs rights and responsibilities and benefits everyone by outlining the basic conditions of the rent, such as the time and cost of rent, and acts as tool to avoid misunderstandings.

Do I have to pay a commission? How much?

For our services we charge a Concierge Fee. This fee will be paid during check-in. Because we provide you with descriptions of multiple rooms to rent and expert advice you save time and money working with us. Finding an apartment by yourself takes much more time and money paying for hotels and hostels while you search. We provide you with the advice you need during your search and are available during your stay if you have any questions.

If I am already in Buenos Aires can I visit the room before I reserve it?

Our purpose is precisely to find the perfect room for you so you don't have to go through millions of options, and that is why we don't organize visits.

We personally take care of checking every room, and we can assure you that what you see in the photos and what you read in the descriptions is the same you will find when you move in.

It is very easy.

You just need to worry about studying or working, and we take care of checking the rooms for you.

Besides, to compensate the fact that you can't visit the room, we work with Reality Check Warranty: if during the first 24 hours since you move in there is anything that does not match the photos or descriptions you saw and you don't want to stay... don't worry! Just let us know and we will give you your money back. No risks.

Who will welcome me to my new house? How will I get my keys?

Your host will welcome you to your host and provide you with a pair of keys. S/he will also show you your room, the house or apartment´┐Żs common spaces and let you know some basic information about the neighborhood.

What do I do for check-in? Where do I check-in?

Check in consists of two simple steps:

1- Sign the contract online with your host (we prepare the contract with all the details of the room).
2- Pay the balance of the rent (since you paid a part when booking the room) + the security deposit.

You will do it in the house where you will live the day you arrive with your new host.

Can you help me get from the airport to my new apartment or house?

Of course! We work with a company that will pick you up from the airport and bring you directly to your new apartment or house.

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