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Terms of Use Governing the SpareRooms
Buenos Aires Website

I.- Introduction

These Terms of Use apply to the SpareRooms Buenos Aires web site located at that SpareRooms Buenos Aires provides for its clients (Users). By using this site you agree to these terms of use.

Through the use of this web site users can make contact to give or receive accommodation in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. SpareRooms Buenos Aires acts as an intermediary between the tenants (client) and the renters (property owners).

The “Terms and Conditions” establish the rules, terms and conditions between the renter and property owner and form an integral part of these Terms of Use.

II. Access to & Use of the Web Site

By using this web site you agree to be bound by the most recent Terms of Use published on the SpareRooms Buenos Aires web site. The user must carefully read the terms of use before each visit to the web site and if he/she does not agree to the Terms of Use must not use the website.

The payment of a reservation deposit, administrative fees and/or rent implies consent to all terms and conditions laid out in the Terms of Use and Terms and Condition.

The use of the web site, services and content contained within the web site are also governed by the Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions as implemented by SpareRooms Buenos Aires.

Spare Room Buenos Aires reserves the right to change these terms of use, and the services, content, and web site at any time, at its sole discretion, without notice.

By using the website in accordance with law you agree to:

i. Abstain from using the website or services offered therein for illicit means contrary to that established in the Terms and Conditions, that do damage to third parties, or that can in any way adversely affect the correct functioning of the website and impede the use of the website and services by other users.

ii. Use the website diligently as laid out in the Terms and Conditions, in particular abstaining from (a) using the content of the website illegally, immorally or against normal customs; (b) reproduce, copy, or distribute the contents of this website to the general public without the written consent of the owners of the website; (c) infringing on the copyright or intellectual property of SpareRooms Buenos Aires and its director or disabling technical features.

The user is aware and voluntarily accepts that the use of any of the services, contents or website is his/her sole responsibility. SpareRooms Buenos Aires reserves the right to deny access to the website or its services to any user at any time and without previous notice.

III. Registration

All users are required to enter all required information when contracting services through the website. By doing so, he/she affirms that all information required and entered in the website is correct and truthful to the fullest extent possible and agrees to keep this information up to date. The user is responsible for all entered information and completed operations. SpareRooms Buenos Aires is not required to monitor the quality of the information provided.

The user agrees to notify SpareRooms Buenos Aires as soon as possible of any unauthorized use of his/her registered account. SpareRooms Buenos Aires will not be responsible for damages or losses caused by failure of the user to abide by the rules and regulations contained in this section or the provision incorrect information.

SpareRooms Buenos Aires can use the information obtained through registration to further the goals of the company. When the user enters his/her information on the website he/she expressly authorizes SpareRooms Buenos Aires to share this information with third parties for reasons related to the services offered through the website.

IV. Intellectual Property Rights

The contents of the web site, including all text, graphic, designs, software and code published on the web site, are the exclusive property of SpareRooms Buenos Aires and are protected by local and international law and regulations

SpareRooms Buenos Aires does not concede licenses or authorization for use of its intellectual property rights or any other property or right related to the web site, services and contents.

V.- Exoneration and Limited Responsibility

1.- Information and Opinions published on the Web Site.

SpareRooms Buenos Aires does not guarantee or affirm that the content provided on the web site is up to date or completely reliable. SpareRooms Buenos Aires cannot be held responsible for any decision made by the user after visiting the website. All information on this website is provided as is and SpareRooms Buenos Aires does not provide any opinion regarding the security or quality of any of the services provided by the website. All opinions, analysis and information provided on the website are provided by users to help other users make their own decisions and cannot be considered as suggestion to contract a particular service. Neither does SpareRooms Buenos Aires guarantee or affirm, despite the diligence used in its preparation, that all information contained on the website is error free or completely accurate. SpareRooms Buenos Aires does not assume responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies of information of any nature, including those dealing with services, prices, characteristics and other relevant information to the services offered through the website by third parties. SpareRooms Buenos Aires reserves the rights to update, remove, limit, or deny access to the contents of the website temporarily or permanently.

2.- Services Contracted through the Website.

The user understands that when he/she contracts a service through the website he/she is establishing a relationship with another user and not with SpareRooms Buenos Aires. The user has the sole responsibility to evaluate and contract services through SpareRooms Buenos Aires. SpareRooms Buenos Aires will not be a part of nor responsible for the contracts and agreements made between the users.

3.- Availability of the Website

SpareRooms Buenos Aires does not make any guarantees as to the availability of the website. The user understands and accepts that SpareRooms Buenos Aires is not responsible for the quality of transmission or load time of the website and/or services contained therein or whatever other fault of communication. Under no circumstances will SpareRooms Buenos Aires be responsible for damage (including, but not limited to, consequential damages, loss of profits, loss of information or disruption of business) resulting from the use, access or inability to access the web site and/or services and/or content and/or any other content. SpareRooms Buenos Aires does not guarantee that the web site is free from viruses or any other harmful element that could cause damage to the user’s computer and will not be responsible for any damage.

VI.- Privacy Policy

The responsible use of all information and personal data entered by the users in this website is a priority of SpareRooms Buenos Aires. Your information will be treated in the following way, always according to this privacy policy.

We will safeguard all information that each user shares with us under the strictest security and confidentiality standards.

1. We will limit the collection, use and revelation of the user’s information to that required to provide the relevant services.

2. We only allow those employees authorized and trained in data handling by SpareRooms Buenos Aires to have access to the user’s information.

3. We will not reveal user information to private or public entities except to further the development of SpareRooms Buenos Aires’ activities unless the user has been previously notified or this information is required to be given according to applicable legislation.

4. We will use your information to maintain a complete, authorized and accurate database of user information.

5. Questions regarding personal information are voluntary except in the text fields marked required or when the lack of an answer will impede the quality of services provided.

6. We will update the users on their rights to access, cancel or correct personal information as well as their rights to be informed of all use of information by contact SpareRooms Buenos Aires at the email address [email protected]

7. We will adopt the necessary security measures to protect personal data required by law and to install all systems and technical systems available to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, un-authorized Access or identity theft of the information given to SpareRooms Buenos Aires. However, the users must be aware that any measures taken by SpareRooms Buenos Aires could still be bypassed.

8. We guarantee that the use of personal information will be governed according to the Argentina Law Number 25.326 for the protection of personal information.

9. We will give the users the possibility to revise and change the information that they have sent us during the registration process.

VII.- General

1. Duration & Termination of Services. The web site and services

The web site and services offered therein initially have an indefinite duration. However, SpareRooms Buenos Aires is authorized to suspend or end the website and services at any time. When possible, SpareRooms Buenos Aires will give previous notice to its users of the termination or suspension of the website and/or services offered by SpareRooms Buenos Aires.

2. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the Republic of Argentina. You agree that all matters & conflicts relating to your access to, or use of this web site shall be under the jurisdiction of the Courts of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Los Tribunales Ordinarios de la Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Republic of Argentina).

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