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Habitación para 1 persona en excelente zona de Palermo Hollywood / Ceferina (sólo para mujeres)
Very well located room for 1 person in Palermo Hollywood / Ceferina (only for women)

Comfortable room for 1 person in an excelent area in Palermo Hollywood.

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Habitación con baño privado en Palermo/ Blanca
Private room with private room in Palermo/ Blanca

Single room to rent in a comfortable apartment in Palermo. The room has private bathroom with a  shower.




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Muy linda habitación simple para alquilar en San Telmo / Letizia
Very nice single bedroom to rent in San Telmo neighbourhood / Letizia

Very comfortable and lighty single room, ideal for studying, in a nice apartment at San Telmo neighbourhood.

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